Mar 27, 2019

Prison Ministry and Restorative Justice
Chairperson: Marilyn Schneider

Report submitted by: Marilyn Schneider
Phone: (610) 578-0446
Date submitted: 03/27/2019

Recent Events & Activities

Tools for Ministry – March 3, 2019

  •  South District – Scott Johnson and Marilyn Schneider led a workshop entitled “Healing Relationships in a World of Conflict”, addressing the use of Restorative Justice in everyday life.  16 people attended, with lively discussion.  This same workshop was then led at a meeting of the Lionville Exton Ministerium Churches on March 20, with about 30 attendees.
  • West District – we were pleased to hear that 2 prison ministry workshops were planned for and held in the west district, one led by Elaine Spangler and one by Jubilee Ministries.
Upcoming Events & Activities
  • Annual Conference – We plan to have a display table in the vendor area
  • Laity Academy – Aug 2-4, 2019 – We plan to present training in Healing Communities and Restorative Justice
  • We are investigating the possibility of a joint event with the Committee on Religion and Race focused on the movie “13th”.