A Letter for Holy Saturday

By the Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm
Superintendent, South District

Dear Friends,

Holy Saturday is the waiting place. The dash between two endpoints. We seek resolution; we long for clarity. But I believe, dear friends, that our faith is meant for today.

For when there are no easy answers. For when our hearts break. For when all seems lost.

Here, in this valley, we meet the One who does not shy away from our pain. We meet the One who will never leave us or forsake us. We meet the One who knows suffering and is raised with scars.

In this valley, we learn how to live. We learn what matters. We learn who matters. Here, we come face to face with our own shortcomings and with our own denial. On a Zoom call this week, Rev. Mark Young asked his mission link: “What are you learning right now?” It was such a thoughtful question, and the answers were just as profound:

“I’m learning what matters most in life.”

“I’m learning I can do things I never thought I could do.”

“I’m learning when to say ‘it’s enough for today.'”

“I’m learning that the church has survived for 2,000 years. God’s people have endured great challenges and have persevered.”

Holy Saturday has much to teach us if we are willing to open our eyes. The waiting place is where we find our strength, where we build our endurance and where we live our faith. And what’s beautiful, what’s awe-inspiring, is that even on Holy Saturday, even when all may seem lost, all is not as it seems.

Hibernation is always part of new life. Resurrection does not happen without the tomb. And so, even in the midst of death, even in the face of pain and the unknown, we remain people of the resurrection. We are people who know that Sunday is coming.

Tomorrow, we are sent back to Galilee. But today, we wait; we yearn; we even dare to hope. And God hears our prayers and I promise, dear friends, Easter is coming.