• Robert “Bob” Amundsen

    Service Record:
    FE 2014; 2007 Cherry Lane; 2011 Bensalem; 2018 Woxall: Tabor; 2020 Mt. Pocono

  • Catherine L. Bowers

    Service Record:
    FE 1992; Trainer; 1993 Frackville: First; 1995 VLOA; 1996 Quakake: Ebenezer; 1996 Barnesville: Bethany; 1997 VLOA; 1997 Wyomissing: Calvary; 1998 Director, Transitional Ministries; 1999 Ambler: Calvary; 1999 Shoemakersville: Salem; 2000 Landingville: Welcome; 2001 Bristol: First; 2004 Phila.: Frankford Group Ministry; 2009 Morrisville; 2015 Warminster: St. Andrews; 2017 Ambler: Calvary; 2019 Evansburg

  • James A. Cavallero

    Service Record:
    FL 2007; 2006 Willow Grove; 2007 Danielsville: Salem; 2008 Tamaqua: First; 2008 Tamaqua: Salem; 2013 Mountville: St. Paul’s

    Jim was born from St. Paul’s in Warrington, PA, and will always be grateful for his brothers and sisters there recognizing and supporting his call. Jim is looking forward to continuing to serve in his retirement as he feels God’s call saying, “You ain’t done yet!”

  • Robert G. Coombe

    Service Record:
    FE 1979; 1975 Central UM Charge (Baltimore Conf.); 1977 Phila.: Cookman; 1978 Phila.: Lindley; 1989 PT Director, Greater Olney Group; 1991 Havertown: Union; 2005 Yardley; 2015 Phila.: Germantown, First

    Bob has served 47 years in the ministry, beginning in 1975 with a 3 point Charge in Charles Town, WV. for 2 years while attending Wesley Theological Seminary. He feels blessed by the appointments he has been given, with each one preparing him for the next.  He has enjoyed several opportunities to participate in Interfaith relationships and experiences.  His ministry has been rooted in Peace and Social Justice ministries that include Christian Jewish Allies for Peace in Palestine/Israel; and as one of seven clergy organizing the Eastern PA Region of the Methodist Federation for Social Action.  

    He plans to continue his relationship with these organizations in retirement.

  • Irving Cotto

    Service Record:
    FE 1980; 1979 Pastor to Hispanic Ministries; 1999 Greater New Jersey Conference; 2008 Director of Congregational Development; 2008 Office of Latino Ministries;2012 District Superintendent, Northeast District; 2017 District Superintendent, North District; /2018  Warrington: St. Paul’s

    Irving Cotto has served in full-time pastoral ministry for 46 years.  He has served as a church planter, lead pastor, director of congregational development and Latino Ministries in the EPA conference, District Superintendent, facilitator and consultant for the National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministries, Course of Studies instructor, adjunct faculty at both UM and non-UM theological schools, and recently as a curriculum designer and instructor of a pastoral mentoring program in Philadelphia.  The author of a book on worship and the composer of several recorded Christian songs he looks forward to writing, consulting, composing, relaxing, laughing, and enjoying time with his growing family.  

  • Lilian Lucrecia Cotto

    Service Record:
    FL 2019;  2009 Hatboro; Lehman Memorial; 2009 Hatboro: Lehman Memorial Latino New Church; 2019 Office of Latino Ministries

    Lilian Lucrecia Cotto (Luky) began her part-time Connectional Ministries job, Coordinator of the Latino Ministries in 2019 while she continued to serve as a Licensed full-Time Local Pastor and Global Ministries missionary, leading Casa del Pueblo, a Latino community Ministry of Lehman UMC in Hatboro and Casa del Pueblo at San Paul’s UMC in Warrington. 

    Before she started Casa del Pueblo, she was serving as a missionary in the capacity of Associate Pastor at Asbury UMC in the GNJAC. During her ministry, she has worked on immigration issues and developed two 501 c (3) nonprofit organizations. She has also served as a facilitator of the National Plan for Hispanic Latino Ministries and led training workshops for lay missioners.  

  • Maryanne Ditter

    Service Record:
    FD 2012; 2006 Woxall: Tabor (Youth Ministry);  2008 (Adult Spiritual Formation; initially PT then FT in 2011); 2015 ¾ time at Woxall: Tabor and ¼ time at Ephrata First.

    Maryanne, an Ordained Deacon, began serving in ministry at First Church in 2015. She is passionate about forming the lives of people to grow in their spiritual journey.  We are all on this journey together and she desires to come alongside God’s people to encourage them in the journey.

    Maryanne served on DCOM for many years and has organized a prayer walk and set up the prayer rooms at Annual Conference and Jurisdictional Conference in 2016 in addition to organizing Conference-wide prayer events and prayer guides.

    She is married to George and has two adult children: Sarah and Geordie. Her family loves the outdoors, camping, skiing, hiking, and traveling to see and learn about the world they live in.

  • Barbara Emery

    Service Record:
    2010 Chaplain Paoli Hospital; 2010 Chaplain at Paoli Hospital; 2005 Chaplain, Hospital of University of Pennsylvania; 2000 Glen Moore; 1997 Berwyn; 1996 Media: First; 1992 Bryn Mawr: St. Luke; 1990 Erdenheim: St. Mark; 1989 Belmont Hills: Ashland Avenue; 1988 Oregon: Coburg UMC (Oregon/Idaho Conf.)

  • Karyn G. Fisher

    Service Record:
    FE 2015; 2006 Perkasie: First; 2008 White Haven; 2011 Shamokin: St. John’s

  • Scott Friedgen-Veitch

    Service Record:
    FE 2009; 2003-2004 Trainer: Price Street; 2004-2005 Marshallton; 2005-2009 Honey Brook; 2009-2012 Clifton Heights; 2012-2016 Norristown: Haws Avenue;  2016 Easton: Green Pond

  • John W. Gordon, III

    Service Record:
    FE 1981; 1974 Bala Cynwyd; 1977 EPA Attend School; 1980 Jenkintown; 1982 Chap./Asst. Prof. Religion, Albright College; 1994 Extension Ministry; 1994 Chap. & Assoc. Prof. Rel, Baldwin Wallace College

  • David G. Goss

    Service Record:
    FE 1993; 1988 East Stroudsburg; 1989 Richmond; 1995 Allentown: Trinity; 1997 Methodist Home for Child., VP of Devel. and Comm.; 1999 East Bangor; 1999 Assoc. Dir., Kirkbride Retreat Center; 2003 Assoc. Dir., Kirkbridge Retreat Center; 2004 Easton: First; 2010 Stroudsburg: Faith; 2010 Mt. Pocono; 2011 Medical Leave; 2012 East Bangor

  • Joseph Paul Grasser

    Service Record:
    PL 2001; 2001 Easton: Christ

    Joe has served Christ UMC since 2001 as a 3/4 Time Local Pastor. Despite mandatory retirement, he hopes to continue in ministry as a Part-time Local Pastor somewhere. He looks forward to participating in the denominational challenges ahead.

  • Neil Gutmaker

    Service Record:
    1988 FE VA Conference: 2000 Transferred to EPA; 2000 Norwood; 2013 Kennett: Church of the Open Door; 2016 On Loan to Pen-Del Conference

    Neil is grateful to God and others who have assisted and encouraged his calling, gifts and ministry to serve the Lord within the United Methodist Church, being led by the Holy Spirit. Coming from a background of diversity of various kinds, and a desire to better know, understand, and share God’s love with others across all differences, he looks forward to continued connection within the EPA Conference, seeking to share God’s love with all persons in old and new ways. He also looks forward to taking some needed time for himself and family.

  • J. Val Hastings, Jr.

    Service Record:
    FE 1986;  1983 Collingdale: Mariner’s; 1984 Phila.: Crescentville; 1989 Brownstown: Emmanuel; 2000 Cedarville;2005 Coaching4Clergy; 2005 Executive Director of Coaching4Clergy

    Val, a 2nd generation United Methodist Clergy, has spent most of his time in extension ministry as a leadership coach and trainer. High points have included training on five continents in 6 different languages.  In his retirement, Val will continue as the Founder and President of both Coaching4Clergy and Coaching4TodaysLeaders. Val is also looking forward to spending extra time with his family, while also enjoying his collection of street rods and custom cars.

  • Lorraine Heckman

    Service Record:
    PL 2002; 1991 Llewellyn; 1991 Minersville; 2004 Port Carbon: First; 2016 Port Carbon: Grace; 2018 Gilberton

  • J. William “Bill” Lentz

    Service Record:
    FE 1988; 1986 Highville; 1986 Washington Boro; 1989 West Chester; 1993 Bethlehem: Wesley; 2010 Lancaster: First; 2012 NE Lancaster Cooperative Ministry; 2015 Lafayette Hill: Messiah; 2016 Hatboro: Lehman Memorial; 2019 Lansdale: First

    Bill Lentz, currently appointed half-time at Hellertown: St. Paul UMC on the North District, concludes 36 years of ordained ministry in small, medium, and large church settings. His ministry has focused on preaching, teaching, and entrepreneurial leadership. Bill’s post-retirement plans include exploring a new pastoral call to expand a consultancy and executive business coaching firm founded in 2014, traveling with his wife, Kathy, and their friends, and maximizing his role as a husband, father of three children, and grandfather of four grandsons. Walking side-by-side with God’s people in their high and low times will be among his cherished ministry moments.

  • Dorcas Kumba Kamada

    Service Record:
    FE 2018; 2014 Newtown; 2016 Nar Sarah Clinic, Sierra Leone

  • Mary Jane Kirby

    Service Record:
    FE 1985; 1981 Blakeslee; 1990 Honey Brook; 1997 Ephrata: Hope; 2005 Havertown: Union; 2019 Havertown: Hope

  • John Theodore Krimmel

    Service Record:
    PL 2016; 2012 Hulmeville: Neshamony; 2019 Penns Park

  • Marcia Lincoln-Heinz

    FE: 2016; 2014 Bristol First and Trevose; 2015 Salem, Manheim; 2018 Kensington Old Brick and Fox Chase; 2021 Yardley.

    “It has been the greatest honor of my life to have served the risen Lord, and I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to do so. Retirement is not an end but another new beginning in my life with Christ. Blessings to all!” – Marcia

  • Joseph “Joe” Martin

    Service Record:
    PL 2014; 2012 Fallsington

    Joe has been so very blessed serving God and the people at Fallsington UMC for the past ten years. The past two years have been very challenging, but the church has been able to maintain its ministries, and even add a new outreach ministry “Griefshare” for their community which has been very well received and attended. Many new faces are attending Fallsington where evangelism in and around the community has always been a top priority.

    Joe plans to remain active in ministry following retirement as he recognizes there is still so much work to accomplish helping people and making disciples of Jesus.

  • Coleen Brandt Painter

    Service Record:
    FE 1986; 1983 Phila.: Siloam; 1986 Phila.: Kensington (Old Brick); 1987 Lancaster: Otterbein; 1989 Phila.: Roxborough, Ridge Avenue; 1991 Mont Clare: Otterbein 1995 Springfield: C.C. Hancock; 1995 Springfield: C.C. Hancock Memorial; 1999 Chaplain, Manor Care Health Services; 2003 Contract Chaplain, PA Council of Churches (PT); 2007 Gladwyne; 2007 Spiritual Counselor/Bereavement Coordinator; 2008 Asst. Protestant Chaplain, SE Veterans Center; 2009 Honey Brook; 2014 On Track Behavioral Services; 2015 Elverson; 2016 Goodwill

  • Vicki Pry

    Service Record:
    PL 2006; 2006 Hopewell

  • Jeffrey Alan Raffauf

    Service Record:
    FE 1984; 1981-1982 EPA Attend School; 1982-1992 Jonestown; 1992-2000 Columbia; 2000 West Lawn

  • Cynthia Elizabeth Skripak

    Service Record:
    FE 2002 Arcadia, CA; 2009 Transfer to EPA Conference; 2004 Croyden: Wilkinson Memorial; 2008 Willow Grove; 2015 Yardley; 2020 Voluntary Leave of Absence.

  • David Tatgenhorst

    Service Record:
    FE 1988; 1986 Phila.: St. Luke’s Snyder Avenue;1990 Phila.: Univer. City, Calvary; 1996 Bryn Mawr: St. Luke

  • Edward A. Unangst

    Service Record:
    PL 2000;  2017  Weatherly: Centenary; 1999  McMichaels