Conference Staff

Conference Office Staff Schedules for Fall 2020

Babcock, Rev. Kevin

Coordinator of Church Support Services

Babcock, Regina Raiford

Support Associate, Administrative Resource
(484) 762-8222

Amy Botti
Botti, Amy

Bishop’s Executive Secretary
(610) 666-1442

Boyd, Debra

District Resource Assistant,
South District & North District
610-666-9090 ext. 1019

Brawner, Rev. William

Coordinator, Urban Ministries

Brooks, Jack

Executive Director, MidAtlantic UM Foundation
  (484) 762-8247

Brown, James

(484) 762-8224

Brown, Tracy

MidAtlantic UM Foundation, Operations Manager
(484) 762-8211

Chung, Rev. Bumkoo

West District Superintendent

Clark, Rev. Evelyn Kent

South District Superintendent

Coleman, John

Director, Communications
(484) 762-8227

Cotman, Lindsey

Support Associate, Media and Events
(484) 762-8215

Cotto, Lilian Lucrecia “Luky”

Coordinator, Latino Ministries
610-666-9090 ext. 1022

Fielding, NancyJo

Exec. Director, Board of Pension & Health Benefits;
Director, Administrative Services
(484) 762-8213
Fax: (610) 666-1468

Foster III, Rev. Dr. Andrew L.

East District Superintendent

Gonzalez-Lopez, Madeline

Support Associate, Health Benefits & Data
(484) 762-8220
Fax: (610) 666-1468

Gutierrez, Jezerel

Associate Coordinator, Youth Ministries

Kentner, Sheri

General Resource Assistant
800-828-9093 ext. 1025

Lee, Lawrence

(484) 762-8209
(610) 666-9090 Ext. 1007

Lishon, Beth

Support Associate, Accounting
(610) 666-9090 Ext. 1023

Morton, Rev. Steve

North District Superintendent

Piltz, David

Coordinator, Youth and Young Adult Ministries
(814) 883-0118

Taylor-Storm, Rev. Dawn

Director, Connectional Ministries

Conference Office Staff Schedules for Fall 2020