May 11, 2022

If you are interested in editing videos and operating audio-video equipment, Community United Methodist Church is looking to hire a part time Audio-Video Coordinator. You would take information, videos, and text and assemble it into slides for our Sunday Morning Service and also put a video together for our On Line Service each week. Knowledge of Graphics for production. Upload to Facebook, YouTube & our website. You would need your own programs to process the production, so you can work from home for the most part. Knowledge of Final Cut Pro for video editing and Pro tools and Logic for the audio editing would be helpful. You are needed to operate the video equipment on each Sunday morning for approximately 2 hours. The board at the church is a Allen and Heath SQ 6.

We have an energetic visioning team pursuing progressive ideas to share the message of our Lord Jesus Christ. You would be integral in producing videos to enhance our vision.

We are interested in attracting youth into an elderly congregation with young hearts. If you are studying video production or you’re an accomplished videographer, we would like to meet with you to explore the possibilities.

We need help with our social marketing and getting the word of Christ’s good news out to the community.

If interested, please contact: Steve Mitchell,, (717) 278-0679.