Vicky Allen

Word Made Flesh

Christ, the word made flesh, is born among us as one of us! Rejoice! (John 1:1-18) But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become… Read more


Jerimiah 33:14-16

Reflection: The Lord kept his promise to send a Savior, the righteous Branch of David’s house.

Do you remember when a deal could be sealed with a handshake? Once upon a time one’s word was considered one’s bond. In today’s world we no longer depend on people keeping their promises as a practice of moral obligation. More often we anticipate a breach of trust at some point in most every relationship. “The Backlist,” “Scandal,” “The Good Wife,” and “Empire” are all television shows that focus on the theme of betrayal. Democrats, Republicans, and all politicians alike thrive on the construction of false campaign promises. A lot of us are led to the belief that it’s normal to make promises and then break them. The old adage claims that promises are meant to be broken. But promises are meant to be kept! God keeps His promise to send us a savior in spite of our tendency to disappoint God. God’s integrity is unimpeachable. With kindness and affection God cares about our welfare! God promises that our sins have been atoned for in Christ so that when He returns our earthly sorrows will at last turn to joy! We serve a loving, compassionate and merciful God! This Christmas let us be mindful of God’s faithfulness in delivering His promised precious remarkable gift of grace through our Lord and Savior, Jesus, the Righteous Branch of David’s house!  Read more