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Ann Jacob, reserve delegate from the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, reads a statement on church unity adopted by the Global Young People's Convocation and Legislative Assembly. She presented the statement adopted in July 2015 during the afternoon plenary on May 18 at the 2016 United Methodist General Conference May 18 in Portland, Ore.

General Conference struggles to keep the UMC united 

The 2016 General Conference in Portland, Oregon, May 10-20, was a dramatic, sweeping marathon of legislation, celebration and demonstrations, and it was one for the ages. In keeping with the… Read more

General Conference 2016 officially begins

With a drum welcome from indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, United Methodists gathered at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland on Tuesday, May 10, for their 2016 General Conference…. Read more

group of youth and adults

“Taking the Gospel Further”

Mission-focused Artists Use Their Gifts to Save Souls and Change Lives As representatives of God’s love to those in need, All One Body Ministries’ (AOB) takes its ministry beyond the… Read more

Lay Delegates to General Conference

Annual Conference elects 2016 General, Jurisdictional delegates

The 2015 Eastern PA Annual Conference elected as 2016 General and Northeaster Jurisdictional Conference Delegates—Clergy members: Dawn Taylor-Storm, Jeffrey Raffauf, Robert Wilt, and Lydia Munoz.  Lay members elected were: Judith Ehninger;… Read more


When Moses finally emerged from the wilderness, he was ready to take charge for God. What a great turning point in his life’s story, but let’s not forget that Moses… Read more