The 2020 Statistical Report is not yet available. Watch this page for further information.

2019 Statistical Report

January 2, 2020

Dear Pastor:

Grace and peace to you.  It’s once again time for your church to prepare your Statistical Report. As Senior Pastor, you are responsible for sharing this information with the appropriate church leaders. All churches are required to submit the Statistical Report using the EZRA Data Management System of the General Board of Finance and Administration.  The website address is

Your Username is your church’s GCFA ID Number (6 digits). You can find the GCFA number on your monthly remittance statement or on last year’s Statistical Report. If you still need assistance contact your District Office. There is one username per church but more than one person can enter data by using the same password.   For your Password, please type in “stat2020” (do not include quotation marks). It is case and space sensitive, you must use all lowercase and there are no spaces.

When you log in to the EZRA Data Management System you will see a “first time user login setup” screen. It leads you through four screens. You MUST enter an email address on screen 2. When you get to screen 3, you are offered an opportunity to change your password – BUT IT IS NOT MANDATORY – and we suggest that you keep “stat2020” as your password (just type in “stat2020” in the “New Password” and “Confirm New Password” fields). This will allow multiple users to enter data.  When you click “Next” on screen 4 – it will take you directly to the STAT Home Page. Notice the “Menu” on the right. You can easily get FAQ, User’s Guide and Blank Report Forms there. Refer to the black tool bar across the top to easily navigate the site. For example: click on “Enter STATS” to go to the tables where you can begin to enter your information.

After you have completed all of the information for the four required tables, make sure it is properly reviewed because your church’s apportionments depend on the accurate reporting of these numbers.  We recommend that at a minimum, the pastor, finance chairperson, and treasurer review and approve the data before final submission. To make the task less daunting, you can work in stages and save partial information until later without submitting it.

The deadline for completing the report is April 17, 2020. Please call your District Office if you have questions.  Both your district resource assistant (DRA) and I stand ready to assist you and your church in making this annual process as smooth and as accurate as possible.

Resting in God’s peace,

Lawrence A. Lee, Comptroller
Conference STAT Report Coordinator

Ezra Statistics Module Church User’s Guide

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