Jul 06, 2017

Recorded video of our June 15-17 Annual Conference is now accessible from our Annual Conference webpage. Or you can go right to our conference YouTube page to see the full 2017 Annual Conference sessions playlist.

See, hear and feel it all, from the stirring opening worship and plenary session to our final session of holy conferencing and uplifting reports before adjournment. Be sure to watch Upper Room Chapel Dean Tom Albin and his insightful, faith-affirming Teaching Session on Prayer. (Also, be sure to download and use his excellent handout materials available on our Annual Conference webpage.)

Enjoy three inspiring, thought-provoking sermons by Bishops Peggy Johnson, Latrelle Easterling and Peter Weaver. Marvel at the reminiscent, first-person historical narratives offered by Methodist forebears Captain Thomas Webb, Mary Thorne and Harry Hosier. And witness moving celebrations of newly ordained and commissioned clergy and the dedicated lives of newly retired clergy and recently deceased clergy and clergy spouses.

Take your time—even the rest of summer—to view the 30 individual video segments on the playlist carefully prepared by our Communications staff member Lindsey Cotman. Or binge-watch them all at once. It’s your choice.

And don’t forget to download and read the many significant reports and resolutions (and their voting results), also accessible from where? You guessed it: our Annual Conference webpage.