October 21: “Room Enough for Them All” Program at Boehm’s UMC

Michael Showalter, museum educator at the Ephrata Cloister, will present, “Room Enough for Them All” on October 21, at 3 o’clock PM in historic Boehm’s Chapel.  The PowerPoint program will examine the diversity of religions and denominations found throughout Lancaster County as early as 1750. To quote, Showalter, “In this mix of cultures, dissident religious minorities of Europe were intended to live among Native Americans in peace.”  Showalter will touch on a variety of resident groups, including the English, Scots-Irish, Germans, Welsh, French Huguenot,  and African-Americans, and the area of the county which they called home.

Programs at the chapel are free and open to the public.  However, donations to offset fees for speakers and musicians are always appreciated.  Please contact boehmschapel@gmail.com, phone 717-872-4133.