June 24: Boehm’s Chapel 2018 Heritage Sunday Program

Summer events scheduled at Boehm’s Chapel include the annual ‘Heritage Sunday’ business meeting, and worship program to be held June 24th, beginning at 4:00 PM.

The condensed business program will segue directly into the worship program, featuring Anne Brockley, historian of Otterbein UMC, Lancaster, as guest speaker.

Brockley will present a twenty-minute PowerPoint program on the history of the Otterbein congregation, established in 1904.  The program is based on her anniversary book, “Otterbein Church 110 Years of History and Service.”  Copies of the book will be available after the worship program.

Reformed pastor, Phillip William Otterbein, and Mennonite Bishop Martin Boehm met at a ‘Great Meeting’ held at Long’s Barn on Pentecost Sunday, 1767.   Their pursuit of common spiritual beliefs, created a friendship, which lasted throughout their lifetimes.  Gradually, a following of like-minded believers, developed around their teaching, which formally organized, in 1800,  as the United Brethren in Christ Church.  Heritage Sunday 2018 will bring followers of Boehm and Otterbein together in worship.

At the conclusion of the the worship section of the program, light refreshments will be available on the porch of The Tying Shed.  For additional information contact boehmschapel@gmail.com.