Jan 02, 2014

The Conference Council on Young Adult Ministries (CCYAM) releases its first newsletter, THE PRESS. The purpose of THE PRESS is to give young people a platform and the liberty to witness and minister to other young people in a form that is relatable and perceptible. Eight contributors made this debut possible by sharing powerful and encouraging stories. In this issue you will find:

  • CCYAM’s journey out of the wilderness and through its Inaugural Year
  • Our reactions to the born-again rapper, Ja Rule, being “In Love with a Church Girl”
  • The ‘Skinny’ on Worship and other devotionals
  • Encouragement for Money and Future-Minded People

We proudly release our first issue charging you to spread the word and help us further propel the Good News! Attached is a printable version of the newsletter to further assist in supplying copies to the young people in your churches. We hope that all of you will help us move mountains with this issue by together in solidarity ensuring that on Sunday, December 1, 2013, every church in the conference makes THE PRESS available to young people in their congregation and communities.

Thank you and have a happy holiday!!!

Conference Council on Young Adult Ministry

Mission: To create a sense of connectivity and community among young adults and to encourage the pursuit of a life of discipleship, as taught by Jesus Christ.