Jun 07, 2017

You can find Annual Conference 2017 information and links on two pages of this website. Visit our AC 2017 News Articles Page for access to recent Annual conference-related news and feature articles. Visit our  AC 2017 Information Page for basic information, links to articles and resource documents, including:

There may be more articles and information added leading up to the start of Annual Conference—for example:

Also, on this Annual Conference 2017 information page, beginning June 15 at the opening session, you will also find our video livestream of Annual Conference sessions as they occur in real time. Watch whenever you can; and consider joining fellow church members to view worship services, the Thursday evening teaching presentation on prayer and other session activities together.

Finally, be sure to visit our social media pages—Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to read and respond to key actions, special moments and important comments. Use the hashtag #EPAUMC17 to post your own thoughts throughout the conference.