Jun 14, 2017

The theme for Annual Conference 2017 is Rise Up and Pray.” We want not only to know the theme but to live it out as we also live into it.

As in past years, we will precede the start of Annual Conference on Thursday morning with a Prayer Walk. You are asked to walk around the main meeting space and the other areas where we will gather, and pray for those spaces.

Bishop Peggy Johnson is always there early walking and praying. If you want to join her, you should probably be there around 7:30 AM. If you cannot get there that early, you can always participate by walking around the spaces from 8:00 AM until 9:30 AM.

Pray that God’s Spirit would pour down on us in those spaces; and pray that all we do and say will bring honor and glory to God. Pray for peace and unity among the group gathered, because God’s Spirit has revealed to us exactly what God wishes to be done in our Conference as we reach out to a hurting world.

In addition to prayer stations around our meeting hall this year, we will also have a Prayer Room set aside where you can spend time focused on God. The Prayer Room will be Room 7 at the Conference Center. There will be more stations set up there where you will find suggestions on how to focus on God. Here you will have an opportunity to:

  • Talk to God;
  • Hear from God;
  • Respond to God.       

Editor’s Note: Also, if you have not yet read Bishop Peggy Johnson’s powerful essay “PURPLE,” be sure to read and reflect on it as you ponder the importance of prayer for your life and your church, for our Annual Conference and for our denomination.

For more information contact Maryanne Ditter (revspirform@taborumc.org,), Certified Spiritual Director and Minister of Spiritual Formation at Tabor UMC. Phone: 215-962-2769

Someone will be checking this box and will arrange for a Prayer Team member to meet with you at a time more convenient for you. There will be people on call during the entire conference who are willing to pray for and with you.

There will be a Prayer Team in the Prayer Room during the last 20 minutes of each mealtime period. If you cannot come in during this time, there will be a prayer form to fill out. Fill it out and place it in the box provided.

Feel free to spend as much time as you need in this place.