Aug 08, 2018

By NancyJo Fielding
Conference Health & Pension Benefits Officer

The Eastern PA Conference elected at their June Annual Conference to move to the HealthFlex plan offered through Wespath in January 2019.  ControlHealthFlex Exchange is a private exchange model that maximizes participants’ flexibility to choose HealthFlex plans that best fit their needs, while helping UMC conferences/employers manage volatility in the cost of providing health benefits.

In late August, eligible members will begin to receive information from Wespath in preparation for our open enrollment meetings in September and October.  It is very important to take time to register for one of the offered meetings to hear about the choices and cost sharings that are available to you in 2019 and the open enrollment process itself.

ALL eligible members need to participate and complete an open enrollment form online.  Those who have waived in the past need to waive again with a new HealthFlex waiver form.  Any eligible member who does not sign up for a plan, or waive coverage, will be AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in the default plan (Bronze) with no eligibility for HSA contributions.

Open Enrollment is October 31 – November 15, 2018.  At the meetings held throughout the conference, you will be introduced to the ALEX system that assists you in making the right benefit choice for you and your family.  You will be able to work with ALEX up to and including the open enrollment window.

This year, for the first time, we are offering interpretive services, if requested, for both Spanish- and Korean-speaking members.  We also have some literature in Spanish and 800 numbers for interpretive services to assist with open enrollment choices.  You must register and request this service if needed.

More information will be coming as we move closer to the open enrollment window. Here is a schedule of open enrollment meetings: