May 16, 2017

(Jesus) said to the apostles, “Come by yourselves to a secluded place and rest for a while.” Mark 6:31 CEB

Do you pray? It may sound like a silly question, but pause and consider it. How and when do you set aside time for private prayer or other spiritual practices? Do your practices invite you to “come away” and rest with God, or do they feel like yet another item on your never-ending task list?

You can pray with scripture, with prayer beads, with color or with your body. You can meditate silently, read aloud, embrace breath prayers or talk with God in your journal. The truth is, I spend time with God in each of these ways. Don’t worry, not all at once. I practice various ways of praying because my personality longs for creativity and variety. This approach can be encouraging for some and downright scary for others. The spiritual journey offers an invitation for embracing personal quiet time apart with God, not dreading it or seeing it as a chore. Unfortunately, when it comes to spiritual practices, many of us struggle. Why is this?