Youth Director, Columbia UMC

Columbia UMC, in Columbia, PA, is looking to hire a a part time Youth Director for 12 hours a week to oversee the youth program.  Please send resumes and references to:

Pastor Tom Grubbs   Columbia UMC 510 Walnut Street Columiba, PA 17512

Job Priorities:

  1. Coordinate Christian Education, outreach events, discipleship, service to the church; for middle school and high school students that are focused on increasing the Christian faith of the youth through teaching and example.
  2. Organize student Bible studies or prayer groups.
  3. Maintain close communication with parents of CUMC teenagers, particularly with those with students participating in the student ministry.
  4. Develop and integrated array of creative, fun, and challenging programs and activities, which foster growth in Christian faith and fellowship for students in grades 7th-12th.
  5. Plan activities that attempt to reach the “unchurched” youth in the community.
  6. Attract affirm students by meeting them on their own “turf” through such activities as visiting their homes and attending schools and other activities.
  7. Recruit, guide, train and encourage Christian leadership training for students and adult volunteers involved in with student ministry to promote their relationship with Christ, to build leadership skills, and to help carry out LifeLine Student Ministries program at the church.
  8. Attend all Ad Council and Staff Meetings.
  9. Prepare and oversee an annual budget for the Youth Ministry.
  10. Communicate all plans for student ministry activities through the Dove, church website, facebook page, emails and weekly announcement page.
  11. Work with the Senior Pastor to plan and to help lead Confirmation Class, Confirmation Retreat, and Confirmation Sunday for students in grades 8th-12th grade.
  12. To attend at least one or more continuing education classes to help the Youth Director to continue develop skills and to stay current with the youth culture and needs of the congregation that would help him/her to continue to minister the overall church members effectively.
  13. Recruit and train teachers and leaders in all youth programs.
  14. Plan and oversee Sunday night youth group activities at least twice a month.
  15. Teach Sunday School for 7th-12th grade youth.

Finally, the YD will need to fulfill any duty deemed appropriate to fulfill the job duties of this position as requested by the Senior  Pastor or PPRC.