Keyboardist, Leola UMC (Leola, PA)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Provide music and accompaniment for worship services as well as special services as requested by the Pastor.


  1. Select and play appropriate preludes, postludes, and offertory music at worship services.
  2. Accompany choirs and soloists during weekly worship services and special services when required.
  3. Attend choir practice, currently held Saturday mornings. This includes rehearsals and warm-ups. Play for adult choir rehearsals and children’s choir rehearsals (when applicable) when other church related activities are not conflicting.
  4. Provide input to the Director of Music for the selection of music for the 9:00 and 10:30 services, as well as the 10AM Combined Service, as appropriate.
  5. Practice with and / or accompany those providing special music, as requested. Times and dates vary.
  6. Provide music for weddings, funerals, and other special services as requested by the Pastor. (Fee of $100, provided by the church)
  7. Attend staff meetings and worship committee meetings if/as requested.
  8. Inform the Music Director and Secretary in writing (at least an email notification) of any planned absences. Provide information about obtaining a substitute, and information about the substitute.
  9. Work with the Director of Music by providing input for the selection of music. This alliance in music may include selecting music for the organ and other musical instruments as may be desired either for regular or special worship services.

High school diploma or equivalency
Proficiency in keyboard and organ performance is preferred.

ESTIMATED HOURS and REMUNERATION: Average of 12-14 hours per week, recognizing that some weeks will require more hours than others. This position is part-time and salaried. Salary depends on proficiency and, along with any benefits, is determined annually by the SPRC, Finance Committee, and the Charge Conference by the adoption of the budget. Currently, the maximum salary offered is $20000 per week.