Director of Youth Ministries, New Creation/Nueva Creacion UMC [Lancaster]

Spiritual Gifts:

  • The youth coordinator should have the following proven skills: teaching, encouragement, and leadership
  • The youth coordinator should show evidence of passion for youth ministry and evidence of active and growing discipleship
  • The youth coordinator should also demonstrate knowledge of youth development and a genuine interest in responding to the needs and concerns of the youth of New Creation U.M.C.


  • Be Attentive to the needs of the youth in the church and in the community
  • Identify and collaborate with key people in the congregation and community for collaboration and advocacy for young people’s issues
  • Be familiar with the congregation overall goals and how they can be achieved


    • The youth coordinator must have all clearances need to comply with safe sanctuary
    • The youth coordinator will have ten hours of work a week to perform the responsibilities of the ministry. The youth coordinator will coordinate with the pastor and submit a time sheet. (Hours should be flexible due to the programming of youth ministries, however, the youth coordinator position should not exceed 40 hours a month)
    • The youth coordinator must attend and plan, with the collaboration of the Chair of Christian Education, for weekly Wednesday night bible study.
    • The youth coordinator must attend and coordinate the participation of the youth of New Creation to attend conference youth events (F.O.H.S/Youth Rally/Tools for Ministries)
    • The youth coordinator must coordinate and encourage the youth of New Creation to attend Latino Camp. The youth coordinator is encouraged to attend camp, if schedules permit.
    • The youth coordinator should report and keep the church council up to date with youth ministries quarterly, under the supervision of the pastor.
    • The youth coordinator is encouraged to attend the council retreat.
    • The youth coordinator should be bilingual English and Spanish


  • We recommend that the youth coordinator attend weekly worship at New Creation U.M.C.

Term and Salary

  • 1 year
  • $15 an hour/forty hours a month (Flexible Weeks)
  • Please submit a resume to