Minister to Children and Family Ministry, First UMC [Lancaster]

Full-Time (36 hours per week)

Overall Responsibility:

The Minister to Children and Families will reach out to the diverse family groups of First United Methodist Church and surrounding community with primary focus on families with children (birth – grade 5). The Minister is responsible for providing overall supervision for children’s ministries, seeking to create an integrated plan for faith formation curriculum, activities, worship opportunities, and programs that assist parents and grandparents in the Christian nurture of their children. The Minister will seek to provide children and parents with faith formation and educational opportunities as well as spiritual care and emotional support which will enrich both the spiritual life and the social connection of the family in the life of the church community and help the family feel welcome to this family of faith.

Specific Responsibilities:

The Minister to Children and Families will be responsible for the following:

  1. Sunday morning programming & faith formation curriculum development for children. Focus will be on faith formation opportunities for children age 2 yrs – 5th grade and spiritual growth opportunities for children during all Worship Services. This also requires consideration and accommodations for the inclusion of children with special needs and their families.
  2. Special Programming for children and intergenerational programming for families outside of a regular Sunday morning.
  3. Parent/Adult Enrichment and Education/Parent Support Program designed to meet the expressed needs of parents and adults in the church.
  4. Oversight of Upward Basketball Director – General oversight of program, and supervisory oversight to the League director for the Upward Basketball program that runs January through March. Work with Director to advertise to the community the program and engage with new partners to expand the ministry for coming years.
  5. Collaboration and partnership with Worship Team, Discipleship Team, and Youth Minister with focus on the needs of families’ participation in Worship.
  6. Pastoral Care to include:
    1. Spiritual Care and Emotional Support for families.
    2. Outreach to families who do not have a church home.
  7. Staff Resource Person for the Discipleship Ministry Team to evaluate and envision all aspects of Children’s, Youth, and Adult Christian Formation experiences.
  8. Staff Resource Person for an Early Childhood Ministry Team to evaluate and envision all aspects of Early Childhood Ministry (nursery – preschool). Hire, train, encourage, and supervise the Professional Nursery Rooms Coordinator and her work.
  9. Staff Resource Person for the Director of Youth Ministry. In cooperation with the Director of Youth Ministry, serve as a consultant and partner to the process of faith formation and curriculum development and implementation for students in grades 6-12. Oversee the transition of families from children’s to youth ministry, ensuring that the scope and sequence of faith formation curriculum and programming (birth – 12th grade) makes meaningful connections and follows current thought and research in education and faith development.
  10. In Collaboration with the Pastor of Discipleship, administer and oversee aspects of the Safe Sanctuaries Policy and ensure the safest environment for families at all times.
  11. Staff Resource Person for Children’s volunteers and Sunday School Teachers, Nursery Coordinator, and Volunteers and is responsible for the recruiting and on-going training of these individuals.

Working Relationships:

The Minister to Children and Families is accountable to Pastor of Discipleship and works closely and cooperatively with the Lead Pastor and the Director of Discovery Corner Preschool. The Minister to Children and Families works cooperatively with the Youth Minister, Director of Music, Director of Children’s Choirs, and the Director of Worship Arts. This position requires coordination and cooperation with the Secretarial Staff, Director of Communications, and Sextons for administrative and organizational support.

Working Conditions:

An annual performance review is conducted with the Lead Pastor and the SPRC Committee.