Oct 22, 2015

Trail hikes and races, open houses, winter retreats, youth group activity nights, overnight camp excursions, fellowship retreats for senior adults and other groups—while their bustling summer camps may be over, our conference-owned Camp & Retreat Centers are still busy with all kinds of gatherings and events. Coming soon at Pocono Plateau will be a Knitting Retreat on Oct. 23 – 25 and a Men’s Retreat on Nov. 13-15.

Visit our Camp & Retreat Ministries Webpage and also their individual Websites (poconoplateau.org, gretnaglen.org, innabah.org and csfarm.org) to learn more. Plan and schedule a retreat for your church or ministry group at our beautifully scenic camp sites, and start planning and building anticipation for the 2016 Summer Camp season. Send children and youth from your church and community to Summer Camp. It’s an investment in them and in your church that will make a difference. And download, display and distribute the new flyer “7 Important Ways We Are Making a Difference” (below) to educate your members about the outstanding ministry opportunities provided by our Camp & Retreat Ministries program.

Camp & Retreat Ministries: 7 Important Ways We Are Making a Difference
  1. We provide important time and space away from the harried schedules and distractions of modern life.  In sacred places of natural beauty, people can renew, connect more deeply with God and reflect on the deeper meaning of their lives.
  2. We extend genuine Christian hospitality and welcome to strangers and friends alike, so that all may be inspired and encouraged by an environment where they experience love and mutual appreciation.
  3. We invite persons to explore the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, so they can incorporate decisions and ways of being that reflect trust in God and care for all, which Jesus exemplified.
  4. We support the growth and renewal of servant leaders through experiential learning and rest, so they may be energized, spiritually centered, and better equipped when they move out to teach, lead and inspire others
  5. We collaborate with local churches and church related agencies to support them in their visioning and planning, faith formation, and outreach.  We help interested persons find faith communities who will walk with them in their spiritual journey.
  6. As Christians, we teach creation care for the natural world, because all life is sacred to God.  The creation sustains everyone and speaks of the Creator, so we teach lifestyles and practices that cherish the earth.
  7. We are honored to host and serve nonprofits, educational organizations, religiously affiliated groups from many faiths, families, and others who are focused on doing good in the world, making a difference for those in need, and transforming the society for the better.  They are valued partners in spreading genuine love and justice, which is core to our mission, too.