What being BLESSED means to me

Inspired by our church leaders, let me share what BLESSED means to me.  During this time of Advent, may you feel blessed and be a blessing to others.

Being humble

To stay connected to God and learn to walk in the path of Jesus, we need to humble ourselves by letting go of pride, ego, opinion, anger, and frustration, and instead fill that space with God’s love.


Acting out of love is the true lesson of Jesus.  When fear takes over our actions are not reflective of what God desires and what Jesus teaches. Taking a deep breath and remember to act out of love. That will bring awareness of God’s guidance into your life.


Following Jesus and having God in your life takes energy – sometimes energy we think we do not have. Feeling drained, frustrated, or tried doesn’t allow God in.  When you are low on energy take a moment and ask God for the energy needed to do God’s will.


The moment you say “yes” to God is the moment you have given your life fully over to God.  It’s a total sacrifice, not a partial one.  It’s a choice to say “yes” all the time not just when it is convenient.


Jesus is the greatest example of respecting and loving people, if not their actions. We know their actions do not always define them as children of God.  Being sensitive to where others are “at” at all times brings God closer to our hearts.


Having God in our lives doesn’t happen only on Sundays at church or at those moments when we think about it.  It should happen at all times, in all places.  It’s difficult, but that’s the challenge God gives us when we say “yes.”


If we choose to be BLESSED and to be a blessing to others we choose a relationship with God that plumbs the depths of our hearts and souls.

I hope these words resonate with you. At some point in your day choose to be BLESSED and be a blessing to others!

By David Pilitz, CLM
Conference Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministries