UMM Charter Application

The General Commission on United Methodist Men is an official church Organization recognized by the General Conference. Men’s Ministry gains strength, mission outreach, program information and visibility because of the  general church recognition of United Methodist Men.

How to charter or recertify

  • Complete the UMM Charter Application (PDF)
  • Have treasurer prepare a check for a contribution to the mission of United Methodist Men.
  • Mail this form with your $85.00 check to:

General Commission on United Methodist Men
P.O. Box 440515,
Nashville, TN 37244-0515
Phone: (615) 340-7145
Fax: (615) 340-1770

A Time to Charter: Organizing and Chartering a United Methodist Men’s Unit

There is no secret formula for organizing a successful United Methodist Men’s Unit.  First ask your pastor for support. Success is more likely with his or her enthusiastic support. Arrange a time for a meeting, include your pastor and invite several men from your congregation. Also invite your district United Methodist Men’s president. At this meeting, make plans for the steps you will follow to form a United Methodist Men’s unit.

Your plans should include these steps:

1.    Discuss the purpose of United Methodist Men as stated in The Book of Discipline. Read the information in the Guidelines for United Methodist Men (available from Cokesbury 800/672-1789).

2.    Develop a plan for publicity and recruiting members. Set a date for the organizational meeting.

3.    At the organizational meeting, select the officers, set the date for the monthly meetings and prepare a Constitution and By-Laws for your unit.

4.    There are many aids to help in a good beginning. They include the Guidelines for United Methodist Men.  The UMMen magazine/newsletter is a quarterly publication sent to all local presidents and treasurers of chartered groups. The magazine is a practical guide, spiritual guide, and benefit for men in general. Write General Commission on United Methodist Men, 1000 17th Ave South, Nashville, TN 37212, for brochures and additional information.

5.     It is important to charter. After the initial charter, you re-certify your unit annually. Some ask, “Why should we charter as long as we have a men’s group and meet regularly?” There are several reasons why it is helpful for you to charter. Most important is that your men become a link in the international movement of men extending the Kingdom of God. Your charter gift supports missions in a way one unit alone couldn’t. These missions include : The Living Prayer Center, Civic Youth Serving Agencies/Scouting, and the exciting Men in Mission emphasis. Your donation provides training for officers and programs designed for men. Chartering is a base from which to reach out in mission through the effort of thousands of men’s groups.

Note: We can charter jointly 2 or more units as one, if they meet together