Children discuss miracles in new UMC ads 

Miracles, and what children have to say about them, will be the focus of The United Methodist Church’s national Easter advertising campaign and coordinated local church resources this spring. Running late March through mid-April, the ads are the second phase of the 2017 campaign, “Our Beliefs. Their Words,” which features children sharing about their faith.

“A miracle is an everyday extraordinary,” says Alisyn, an 11-year-old United Methodist. “It’s when you find the strength that you didn’t think you had, when you find hope when you thought all was lost.” Each ad encourages viewers to rediscover miracles in their own lives, with the statement, “Children believe in miracles. What would the world be like if we all did? We believe that together, we can make it happen this Easter.”

People who see these ads on TV and elsewhere may go online to locate a UM church to visit. So be sure to order free materials and update your church’s Find-A-Church websiteLearn more…