`The day I lost Momma’

Bishop James Swanson, 2015 Annual ConferenceOctober is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Bishop James E. Swanson Sr., who preached at our Annual Conference Service of Ordination and Commissioning in May, offers a poignant remembrance of his mother’s murder from domestic violence when he was 18.

“She was a great momma,” he writes. “She taught me many life skills––how to develop lasting relationships with people and how to iron my own clothes. She taught me to respect my elders and to have confidence in myself despite growing up as a black boy in a racist United States.

“It was a little more than six months after my 18th birthday that the man she chose to marry killed her because she was tired of his drunken ways and abusive language,” he continues. “I tell you this story because victims of domestic violence are not only the ‘mommas,’ but the children, as well.

“I’m now 65-years-old; it still hurts just as much today as it did 47 years ago.” Read the full article.