Wanted: Scenes of Stewardship in Action

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we want to depict our 2015 Annual Conference theme of Stewardship in action, but we need your help. We want to display images of stewardship of various types, in various settings, in churches and communities.

How and where are you or your church being “good stewards of God’s manifold grace”? (1 Peter 4:10) How are you caring for and sharing precious gifts of time, treasure, talent, relationships and the Earth’s environment? Please show us, and let us show others, by sending us pictures and/or video to post on our Eastern PA Conference Website, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube pages. We may even publish your images in the NEWSpirit newspaper.

For example, we want to show:

  • Volunteers giving time to vital ministries to benefit individuals, families, churches, schools or communities.
  • Fundraising efforts to support church or conference ministries (including raising apportionment dollars).
  • Participation in community development projects, justice and mercy ministries, etc.
  • Church or community gardening or gleaning of food to nourish others.
  • Sharing of artistic or musical talents to enhance ministry or support worthy causes.
  • Scenes of neighborhood clean-up, spruce-up or recycling projects.
  • Church use of safe, sustainable sources of energy.

Show us activities in which church members are protecting or investing God’s gifts for the benefit of others. We’ll select and upload for all to see images that are eye-catching, interesting, meaningful, maybe even amusing–as long as they communicate faithful stewardship in any form.

We’ll show these images before, during and after Annual Conference in all the places we can. And we’ve got plenty of places. So pull out that camera, take your best shot, send it in, and help us keep our “focus” this year on promoting stewardship and sharing gifts that keep on giving.