Carlisle Indian Industrial School Historic Site

The Farmhouse, a major site of memory for descendants of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School students, has been saved from demolition because of the efforts of Sandi Cianciulli, Co-chair of EPA Committee on Native American Ministries (CoNAM), Barb Christy, a member of CoNAM, and others.  Currently, they are engaged in dialogue with the US Army Barracks in Carlisle on the future of the Farmhouse as a Visitor/Heritage Center.

In a letter addressed to Sandi Cianciulli, the NEJ Native American Ministries Committee recognizes the historic significance of the school and calls on the Army to act responsibly in the preservation of the building and its future.

The members of EPA CoNAM are in full support of these efforts and intend to work in partnership with the Susquehanna Annual Conference in whose jurisdiction the Carlisle School lies. These efforts present us a unique opportunity to be engaged in ongoing Acts of Repentance as mandated by the 2012 General Conference.

See the full text of the letter here.