33 nominated for 2016 General Conference

Thirty-three members–18 laity and 15 clergy–have been nominated to represent the Eastern PA Conference at the UMC’s 2016 General Conference and Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference. Brief profiles of each–including biographical information, employment, participation in connectional ministries and personal statements–are available here.

Typical of this conference, the two groups are diverse in gender, age, professional experience, theological and social perspectives, ministry involvement, and race and ethnicity. (See lists below.) They will be voted on at Annual Conference in successive ballots until a full slate of delegates is elected to attend General Conference in Portland, Ore., (four lay and four clergy delegates) and the Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference in Hershey, Pa. (those four plus four more lay and clergy delegates).  Six alternate delegates–three clergy and three lay–will join them.

Annual conference members will be allowed to make additional nominations from the floor and also vote for write-in candidates during the election of delegates. Members will use electronic voting machines to cast votes. The manufacturer, Meridia, will orient them with a training and practice-vote during the conference’s opening session on Thursday afternoon, May 14.

Clergy Laity
  • Melinda McKonly     
  • James McIntire          
  • Chris Kurien              
  • Robin Hynicka           
  • Joe DiPaolo                
  • Irving Cotto               
  • Tracy Bass                 
  • Sukja Bang                 
  • Lydia Munoz             
  • Jeff Raffauf                
  • Lillian Smith               
  • Lloyd Speer               
  • Dawn Taylor-Storm  
  • Sharon Vandergrift     
  • Bob Wilt
  • Gary Ault
  • Jane Bonner   
  • Ross Brightwell
  • Sandra Cianciulli
  • Debra Coulbourn
  • Mousa Dassama
  • Barbara Drake
  • Judy Ehninger
  • Jordan Harris
  • Clifton Hubbard
  • Ann Jacob
  • Krystl Johnson
  • David Koch
  • Sue Grimm Mattox
  • Aaron Smith
  • Lenora Thompson
  • Mary White
  • Wilhelmina Young