Tanzanian missionaries to visit EPA in October

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The Rev. Mutwale Ntambo Wa Mushidi and Kabaka Ndala Alphonsine, United Methodist missionaries in Tanzania, East Africa. will itinerate in the EPA Conference for nearly three weeks in October, visiting churches, sharing their stories and meeting new friends and supporters.

In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city, they are involved in evangelization and church growth, Christian education, women’s activities and training, community development, health education and refugee ministries. They are supported by our  conference and will visit congregations and attend events here Oct. 1-19. If you want to invite them to your church, contact the Rev. David J. Davis. Conference Secretary for Global Ministries.

The Conference Missions Team has been working hard to draw attention to the mission work United Methodists are engaged in globally through the missionaries we support, said the Rev. David J. Davis. Conference Secretary for Global Ministries and pastor of Olivet UMC in Coatesville. Davis coordinated the conference’s two Celebration of Mission events in March 2013 and 2014.

“We try to bring missionaries into our midst, from time to time, to give our congregations opportunities to hear and support what God is doing through our missionaries,” he said. “The amazing work they do is really good news, and a testament to the sacrificial giving we engage in for missions.”

Kabaka Ndala Alphonsine is assigned as coordinator of women’s activities and training for the United Methodist Church in Tanzania and director of the United Methodist preschool in Dar-es Salaam.

“My function,” she says, “is to proclaim Christ to the world while striving for God’s reign of grace, peace, and justice.” Her work includes Christian education and health education, especially concerning HIV/AIDS. Over the years, Kabaka has assisted refugees and worked closely with her husband in evangelization, church planting, and caring for the developing church community.

The Rev. Mutwale Ntambo Wa Mushidi is also the superintendent of the Dar-es Salaam District and the legal representative in Tanzania of the bishop of North Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The North Katanga Conference is where Rev. Mutwale Wa Mushidi was ordained and holds membership. He pioneered the United Methodist work in Tanzania starting in the early 1990s. The church in Tanzania is now moving toward annual conference status.  He says that his primary function “is to proclaim Christ to the world while working for God’s reign of grace, peace, and justice.”

Mutwale is an evangelist, church planter and builder, and community developer. He ministers to persons of all ages and genders, including refugees. Supported by the General Board of Global Ministries, he and his wife work together in providing Christian education and health information, especially related to HIV/AIDS.

The church in Tanzania is growing and reaching out. “People are changing according to God’s word; refugees are being consoled,” he says. Recently they purchased land and built a study center for locals. The married couple have four daughters: Muloko Ntambo, born in 1982; Malale Ngoy, 1984; Mukalay, 1989; and Wilma Ndala, 2002: and two sons: Kita, born in 1987; and Mwenze, 1993.

They will be based during their itineration at 103 Milbury Road, Coatesville, PA 19320. “We are looking for pastors, churches and mission leaders to arrange opportunities for them to share their stories either in small groups or during worship services,” said Davis. The couple is also available for meetings, luncheons, dinners and fellowship outings, he added, encouraging hosts to provide transportation and a meal as part of their hospitality.

Please send requests to: Rev. David J. Davis. Conference Secretary for Global Ministries, at dnavdave@gmail.com or to Ms. Darlene McCormack at office@olivetumc.org. Telephone: 610-384-5828 (Office) or 215-510-3793 (Cell). Fax to 610-380-8363.

Learn more about the Rev. Mutwale Ntambo Wa Mushidi and Kabaka Ndala Alphonsine and their mission work at www.umcmission.org/Explore-Our-Work/Missionaries-in-Service/Missionary-Profiles/Wa-Mushidi-Mutwale-Ntambo and at www.umcmission.org/Explore-Our-Work/Missionaries-in-Service/Missionary-Profiles/15161Z.