MissionInSite can tell you about your church’s community

Whether your church’s community is urban, suburban or rural, you can get valuable demographic info about it for free from MissionInSite—free because your conference’s Congregational Development Office pays for it, thanks to your apportionment giving.

We will sponsor two MissionInSite workshops, led by Peter Wernett (shown here) to show you how to acquire and use the info. A Webinar is scheduled for Aug. 20 from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Also, West Chester UMC will host an onsite workshop on Sept. 20 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m..

The Aug. 20 Webinar is limited to 20 online participating locations. The Rev. Gordon Hendrickson, Congregational Development Coordinator, will need the names and e-mail addresses for all who plan to participate by Monday Aug. 18.

“A pastor and lay person asked me how their church could grow?” said Hendrickson. “I replied, ‘Tell me about yourselves and your community.’ Their response was, ‘We have a lot of gray-haired people who are Anglo, but our community is young and mostly non-Anglo.’

One way to grow, he explained, is through “needs-based evangelism”—building bridges into your surrounding community by meeting your neighbors’ needs. The next question is the same one that prompted Jesus’ ‘parable of the Good Samaritan: “Who is my neighbor?”  In other words, “How do we learn who is in our community and what they need?”

Once you see the big picture, you can walk and talk with your neighbors in the community, and you can see where and how your congregation can touch their needs and let them know you care.  This is a must for any church seeking to grow and revitalize its outreach mission and ministry.

Peter Wernett will use the Webinar to support registered MissionInSite users who have selected, downloaded and completed three steps. They will need to have these documents available:

  • the Getting Started tab on the Welcome Screen
  • the “Introduction to Neighborhood Discovery” directed study
  • the “Compare Your Congregation to Your Community “ directed study.

For more info on the webinar or the Sept. 20 workshop contact Gordon Hendrickson at gordonacts6@gmail.com.