Cabinet spends day at Methodist Children’s Home

From left to right are the Rev. Gary Nicholson, the Rev. Tracy Bass, the Rev. Irving Cotto, the Rev. Bumkoo Chung, the Rev. Anita Powell, the Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm, and Bishop Peggy Johnson.

For many children, Christmas is the highlight of the year. But there are families who lack the abilities or resources to provide the ideal Christmas celebration.

The EPA Conference Cabinet recently came together at the Methodist Services Children’s Home in Philadelphia to share the love and blessings of the season. Each year the Cabinet chooses a different location to spend a day in service. The Children’s Home was chosen this year by the Rev. Anita Powell, Dean of the Cabinet. Bishop Peggy Johnson and the superintendents spent a day making cookies and making friends, as they wrapped gifts and read to the children.

Methodist Services shares a historical relationship with The United Methodist Church. It was founded in the late 1870s by Ellen Simpson, wife of Methodist Episcopal Church Bishop Matthew Simpson of the Philadelphia Area. Responding to a dire need she saw to support children left orphaned by the Civil War, she called the women of the church together to organize the charity.

Over 130 years later their mission has broadened to meet the diverse needs of children and adults throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, and their relationship with the UMC remains strong. The children’s home serves 2,600 children and families annually, providing housing, childcare, education, mental health services, and so much more.

By Lindsey Cotman, EPA Conference Support Staff

Photos by Bishop Peggy Johnson.