A special appeal for aid from Pocono Plateau

Praise God for the peaceful resolution to the manhunt!  We are thankful to all of law enforcement for their courage and perseverance in the search.

Since the capture of Eric Frein, many people have commented that things at camp must be getting back to normal. Sadly, the answer is no! Many groups cancelled their retreats and events out of fear from the manhunt. The camp lost nearly $30,000 in revenue from cancellations. In addition, the camp also lost an unknown amount of income from groups that didn’t book during the manhunt and sales from the camp store (no guests, no sales). Since the capture was so late in the year, there wasn’t time for groups to plan and schedule retreats before Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season which is typically our slow period.

This year’s retreat season had been the ‘best in years’ before the manhunt.  It’s been extremely frustrating for the staff to watch this financially stable year evaporate before our eyes due to fear caused by one person. Now, the ministry is headed toward ending the year with a large deficit.

The camp will only be able to pay its bills as a result of generous donations. The staff have done all that we can to reduce expenses, now we are relying on God and our faithful supporters!  Pocono Plateau has been a blessing to many children, youth and adults this year!  Please prayerfully consider being a blessing to camp during this difficult time by making an extra donation!

Ron Shane, Director, Pocono Plateau Camp and Retreat Center