Camp’s EcoEternity Forest a special place

The EcoEternity Forest at Pocono Plateau, the first of its kind in Pennsylvania, is a burial option for cremated ashes and an alternative to the traditional cemetery. Since it opened in 2008, our designated EcoEternity Forest has garnered 150 reservations and 37 interments.

The cremated ashes of the deceased are buried at the roots of a tree, allowing remaining minerals to be absorbed by the tree. It creates in essence a living memorial in a natural, peaceful woodland setting. 

The interment process causes no lasting disturbance to the forest floor. In a plot of mature growth forest, suitable trees are selected and registered in a log.

Interested parties visit the EcoEternity Forest by appointment and select a dedicated burial tree for an individual or a family.  If the family wishes, graveside services can be conducted in the forest during the interment. A memorial plaque is attached to the tree.

Open to all churches and denominations, Pocono Plateau owns and manages the forest. The camp and retreat site began over 65 years ago with a vision to create a place surrounded by God’s beautiful creation for young people to hear the gospel message and grow in their faith. That mission is extended to promote Christian growth for all ages through a well-rounded spiritual, educational and recreational program.

There is no better place to reflect upon life’s choices than in the midst of creation. The EcoEternity Forest allows the camp to impact the most challenging aspect of life: preparation for death.  The beauty of this place provides those who visit the peace and comfort they seek, as well as the living hope of Christ’s gospel.

Photo and Article by Ron Schane, Director, Pocono Plateau. For more details visit or contact Pocono Plateau at 570-676-3665.