For everything there is a season

… and a time for every matter under heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-22)

By John W. Coleman

Camp and Retreat Ministry LogoSeasons are a wondrous gift to us all from our Creator. Throughout our lives we witness changing seasons of nature and nurture in everything, for as the world changes and matures, so do we, guided by God’s grace. And yet, so much about the rhythms of life remains unchanged: the transformative power of love and compassion, the sweetness of laughter and fellowship, the exhilaration of learning.

All these essential and enduring blessings can be found in abundance at our four Camp & Retreat Centers in the Eastern PA Conference. For everyone there is a season, from the youngest campers, who run and play in the spring and summer of their lives, to the oldest who bask in the slower pace and vivid colors of autumn. Meanwhile, the rich variety of activities provided to delight minds, bodies and souls of every age make every day or week spent at camp truly special.

Here are some recent scenes of our changing seasons—from summer camp for children, to confirmation camp for teens, to young adults participating in fall races, to seniors enjoying a fall retreat.

Want to know what’s behind these smiles? Visit the Camp & Retreat page on our website to read testimonies from some satisfied customers and learn how they feel about their camp and retreat experiences. Then also read development coordinator Sally Ott’s love letter, as she appeals for your “Sustaining Gifts of Steadfast Love” to support our Camp & Retreat Centers through all their seasons. Please help them continue to be “God’s Place Apart,” enriching and transforming lives year-round.