Pray Together

30-day Prayer Guide for NEJ Conference

Many United Methodists were praying for General Conference in the months leading up to that important global gathering. But daily prayers are still much needed in our ongoing three-act legislative church drama, as we approach Annual Conference and then Jurisdictional Conferences across the U.S. in July.

We will host the Northeastern Jurisdictional (NEJ) Conference in Lancaster July 11-15. Spiritual director Maryanne Ditter (,  a member of the Eastern PA Renewal Fellowship (EPRF–affiliated with Aldersgate Renewal Ministries) has prepared and freely offers a 30-day Prayer Guide for Jurisdictional Conference, available for download from our conference website.

Two new bishops will be elected and all bishops will be assigned to lead the NEJ’s 10 conferences (9 episcopal areas), including ours. Similar elections and assignments will happen in the other four U.S. jurisdictions as well.

Each day’s suggested prayer begins with a brief preamble. Together, they assert the need for prayers to cover and uphold the members, leaders and outcomes of the conference, that the decisions made might reflect wisdom, discernment  and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The 30-day Prayer Guide begins Friday, June 10, and continues to July 9, the day before delegates, bishops and others arrive in Lancaster for preliminary meetings on July 10. Try using it by yourself or with your family, church groups or congregation.

And please let us know what you think about these prayers and how you use them. Post your responses on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or write to us a We’ll share your comments with Maryanne.

The Prayer Guide for Jurisdictional Conference can be found under our website’s Resources tab.