Pray Together

District prayer posts to fortify us for General Conference

General Conference 2016 logo and theme: Therefore GoThe Rev. Tim Kriebel sees trouble ahead for The United Methodist Church in 2016, and he knows concentrated prayer may be the answer to expected conflict and uncertainty.

“For a few months now,” he writes, “I’ve had the conviction that given all the tensions, divisions, and problems that not only our annual conference but the entire UMC is facing right now, none of us can truly expect any good outcomes from General Conference apart from prayer.

“So the Lord led me to the idea of having six months worth of prayer meetings spread out over our annual conference, one per district per month. These prayer meetings are not meant to be partisan but humbly surrendered to the movement of the Holy Spirit.”

Tim is offering the church he serves, Thornton: Bethlehem UMC, as the prayer post for the Southeast District. And he has asked clergy colleagues at five other churches in five other districts to likewise make their churches available as prayer posts. They have said yes.

The posts will be at different churches, on different days, at different times (some yet to be announced); and both settings and styles may vary, based on the preferences of their hosts. But anyone can attend any prayer meetings at any locations, near or far. Here is the roster and appointed days and times so far:

  • Southeast District: Sunday, Dec. 6, at 6 PM, at Thornton: Bethlehem UMC.
  • Northeast District: Wednesday, Jan. 6 at 7 PM, at Bowmansville: Faith Alive UMC.
  • Northwest District: Sunday, February 7, at 2:30 or 3 PM, at Lebanon: Church of the Good Shepherd UMC
  • Southwest District: Wednesday, March 30, at Manheim: Ruhl’s UMC
  • Central District: Saturday, April 2, at 6 PM, at West Lawn UMC’s Community Center (101 Woodside Ave. Reading, PA, across the street from the church).
  • East District: Sunday, May 1, at 6 PM, in Washington Crossing UMC’s Worship Center.

Stay tuned. More information is yet to come.