Seeking Part-Time Chaplains

Chaplain Bobby Brown, CH (CPT), PAARNG, Specialty Branch Officer Recruiter, RRAC II, is recruiting for the Pennsylvania Army National Guard Chaplain Corps. The Corps is seeking full-time pastors to serve part-time as Chaplains. Currently, there are three openings for Chaplain in the Philadelphia area. There are also programs for seminary students pursuing a Master of Divinity.

Qualified applicants would receive a direct commission as an officer in the Army National Guard without attending Basic Combat Training or Officer Candidate School. The Army recognizes that those who already know how to be a pastor just need some training on how to do chaplaincy best in a military environment. Those skills are taught at the United States Army Chaplain Center and School at Ft. Jackson, SC. The 13-week Chaplain Basic Officer Leader Course can be broken up into 4 self-contained phases over 2 years to minimize the impact on one’s home church.

Chaplains receive pay and benefits as commissioned officers, Tricare Reserve Select Health Insurance for themselves and their families, and a military pension after 20 years of service. Like all other National Guard Soldiers, Chaplains normally work full-time in their civilian careers and put on the uniform only one weekend per month plus for two weeks in the summer. Commanders know that Sunday is usually the busiest day for a pastor, so Chaplains who pastor congregations are usually given some flexibility to be at their home churches on Sunday mornings during a drill weekend.

Chaplain Brown is an Assistant Pastor at a Presbyterian church in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, as well as the Chaplain of the 1-107 Field Artillery Regiment in New Castle. He would be happy to speak with anyone about the reality of being both a pastor and an Army National Guard Chaplain. He says, “Being in the Guard lets me get out of my church office, get outside, serve my country, and share my faith with some of America’s bravest men and women.”

Let Chaplain Brown know if you would like more information about serving as a Pennsylvania Army National Guard Chaplain. There are some basic requirements:

  • Be less than 45 years old at the time of commissioning OR less than 47 years old (with three years prior military service)
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree of at least 120 hours
  • Possess a Master of Divinity (or equivalent) of at least 72 hours OR enroll in an accredited seminary to pursue such a degree (if less than 39 years old)
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Pass a medical exam (NOT a physical fitness test)

Email or call Chaplain Brown at or 786-224-8238 (Cell)