Church seeks middle-schoolers for mission adventure

Yardley UMC Youth Ministries Coordinator Denise Harris  wants middle-school students and their parents to know about a exciting local mission opportunity that needs more young volunteers to step up and take part.

"Yardley UMC took on a huge project this past year that we are very excited about," writes Harris, who formerly coordinated youth ministries for the EPA Conference. "We are hosting a three day, four night mission adventure. It begins Sunday evening, July 13, and ends with breakfast Thursday, July 17.  We are so excited that we have 25 youth from three churches  joining us for this adventure!"

But now they need 15 more youth to join them.

During the day they will work to rebuild a ramp, paint a home, put up drywall and do other light construction projects. "We also have ministry projects like organizing a food pantry and a donation center," writes Harris.  "We have skilled adults leading each project. Each day the students will go to a different site to experience a full range of missions.

In the evening, we will have dinner, worship, games and fun time.   Each day is a full day of fun and serving others!  

The problem, Harris explains, is the team has 15 spots it needs to fill with more interested youth. "Recently, a church group of 15 youth planning to attend contacted me to say they are not able to participate.  We have locked into our missions and committed to them.  We don't want to walk away from these ministries."

So Harris is reaching out to the EPA/UMC connection. Do you have a group of Middle School or Early High School students interested in serving? Do you know a teen or two looking for something to do this summer?  Do you know a church that would be interested in participating?  

The cost to participate is $150, but there are scholarships available to anyone who can't pay the full fee. "Please don't let that stop you," Harris says.  "We want to fill these spots!"    

If you are interested or if you know someone who may be interested, contact Harris now by e-mail or by phone 215-493-3345, ext. 202 or  267-980-6054 (cell), or pass this appeal on to others who may be interested.

"I would LOVE to see these 15 spots filled," Harris said, "so that middle school students can serve and our mission can continue."