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CCYAM LogoEastern PA Young Adult Ministries

1. Seek to affirm the unique gifts, talents, and ministries of young adults,

2. provide opportunities through programs and resources for young adults to explore ways to integrate their faith in their lives, and

3. foster an environment for young adults in our church and community that addresses their needs and issues through evangelism and a spirit of Christian fellowship.

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CCYAM Contact

Mr. Aaron Joseph Smith
Chair, Conference Council on Young Adult Ministries

Waging War

Waging War is a free resource brought to you by the Eastern PA Conference Young Adult Council. Waging War offers fellowship with other young adults, preached messages of instruction, encouraging and challenging student assignments, a leader’s manual to guide Young Adults through a discovery through the Word of God, and much more.

Young Adult Newsletter

Hot off The PRESS

Hot off The PRESS is a companion blog to the Eastern PA Conference Council on Young Adult Ministry newsletter, The Press. Read selected articles, sermons, and more, written by young adults for young adults. Continue

 Young Adult News & Information

  • Listen to your children
    BY BISHOP PEGGY JOHNSON I have always loved the praise song by Ken Medema titled “Lord, Listen to Your Children.” Its refrain goes like this: Lord, listen to your children... Read more
  • Eastern PA youth respond to recent school shootings
    Pennsbury High School senior Jess Eden (left), 17, of Fallsington UMC, was with friends after school when she first heard about the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland,... Read more
  • Youth outreach ministries nurture young lives
    Perhaps two of the most fundamental experiences necessary for a healthy childhood are self-discovery and self-expression. If those self-experiences are grounded in Christian faith and discipleship and elevated by self-less... Read more