UM Men/Women

United Methodist Men

The General Conference of the United Methodist Church (GCUMC) charges United Methodist Men (UMM) with the primary oversight for the coordination and resourcing of men’s ministry within the United Methodist Church.

UMM Chair:
Clifton Hubbard,

UMM News & Information
  • UMM Report, 2019 Annual Conference
    United Methodist Men’s report to 2019 Annual Conference The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference United Methodist Men would like to acknowledge all the support it gets from the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, our... Read more
  • UMM Charter Application
    The General Commission on United Methodist Men is an official church Organization recognized by the General Conference. Men’s Ministry gains strength, mission outreach, program information and visibility because of the... Read more

United Methodist Women

United Methodist Women is a supportive, inclusive Christian membership organization where women grow spiritually, develop as leaders and work to create a world in which all women and youth thrive.

UMW Co-Presidents:
Mrs Gladys B. Hubbard,
Mrs. Susan D. Dziuk,

UMW News & Information