Prison Ministry Organization Contacts

Chaplain Contact Information, State Institutions
  • SCI Chester (Chester County) 610-490-5412
Additional organizations involved in Prison Ministry and Restorative Justice
  • Amachi – Mentoring at-risk children/youth
  • Amiracle4sure – assists in the reentry of those negatively impacted by incarceration or substance abuse. Our wide variety of programs offer services to ex-offenders, those in recovery, and children who may have been effected.
    Amiracle4sure, Inc, Marsha R. Banks
    Office: 717-238-1523; Email:
    Address:1625 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102
  • Berks Connection-assistance for inmates at Berks County Jail, reentry assistance to ex-offenders returning to Berks County, volunteer programs for inmates, children and families, provides services, support and community-based outreach to adult offenders, at-risk youth and families, provides pretrial-related assistance to the courts and supervision of pre-trial defendants
    Phone: 610.478.6920
  • Center for Community Peacemaking – Restorative Justice
    Phone: 717-397-2404, email:
  • Christian Life Prison and Recovery Ministries, Inc – addiction recovery, bible teaching
    Contact: Bob Sofronski, 215-833-2512,
  • County Corrections Gospel Mission – Chester County, ministries with children & youth (prevention)
    Contact: Jack Crans, 610-322-3392,
  • Deaf Community Action Network “DeafCAN!” – Graterford Prison, Visitation, support deaf inmates
    Contact: Bill Lockard, 610-436-9751,
  • Disciple Bible Outreach Ministry – Bible study in prisons using Disciple program
    Contact: David Blontz, 717-328-3217 (h), 717-816-1763 (c),
  • Jubilee Ministries, Inc. – Lebanon County Chaplain Coordinator
    Contact: Marilyn Nolte, 717-202-0207 (prison),
  • Justice and Mercy, Lancaster PA – dedicated to decreasing the effects of crime in our communities, increasing public safety, and ministering to and restoring both crime victims and offenders through education, networking and advocacy. , Phone: 717 560 6980,
  • Kairos Prison Ministry – evangelism, mentoring, family support
    Contact: Terry Michael, 610-937-7227,
  • Kingdom Care Reentry Network – Reentry, advocacy, drug/alcohol abuse counseling
    Contact: Gregory Thompson,
  • Lancaster County Reentry Management Organization – Lancaster County Reentry
    Contact: Melanie G. Snyder, 717-572-2110(c),
  • Liberty Ministries – visit in prison, mentoring, reentrant housing
    Contacts: Executive Dir. Baron King, Residential Dir. Hal Ludwig, and Prison Program Dir. Steve Poloway. All can be reached at 610-287-5481.
  • Malachi Dads – Chester County prison, bible study/parenting/mentoring
    Contact: Steve Pacinelli, 484-885-8118,
  • Mother’s Voice – Berks County prison, Women inmates read books to children via DVDs
    Contact: Christine Reichardt, 610-478-6920, ext 3929,
  • Onesimus Ministries, Inc. – Chester county prison chaplain support
    Contact: Vernon Myers, 610-932-4429,
  • PA Prison Society – Advocacy, services for women inmates, family support, reentry, SKIP (support for kids of incarcerated parents)
    Phone: 215.564.6005
  • Philadelphia Coalition for Victim Advocacy – victim assistance programs
    Contact: Myra Maxwell, 215-240-7538,
  • Philadelphia Mural Arts Program – restorative justice programs, SCI Graterford, PPS, YVRP program, St. Gabriel’s Hall, Youth Study Ctr.
    Contact: Robyn Buseman, 215-685-0756,
  • Restorative Encounters –assist in advancing restorative practices through training, resources, and consulting in program development, evaluation, and strategic planning. Offer consulting services to assist people in working through conflict within churches, the criminal justice system, families, and/or school systems.
  • Witness to Innocence – abolishment of death penalty – led by exonerated death row survivors and their family members.   Advocacy, Speakers.
    Phone: 267-519-4584, Email:
  • Yokefellowship Prison Ministry – in many fed, state and county CFs – visit in prison, bible study, small groups
    Contact: Larry Coleman, 717-512-2718,