laity retreat 2017

Laity Retreat 2017

This year’s Laity Retreat looks to the Prophet Isaiah, whose prophetic voice brings a message of promise, faith, hope, mercy and salvation through Jesus Christ to a hurting world.

His words offer Revival, Restoration, Prayer, Deliverance, Anointing and Praise to the people of God, whose blessing and glory were at hand. As people who are called by God, people who answer, “Here am I. Send me!” we learn that the God who holds our hand and guides us is always near. Always.

Our hope is to build upon the success of last year’s Laity Retreat by continuing to nurture and edify the Body of Christ, so that we can be equipped and encouraged do more good works in the Eastern PA Conference. There is a plentiful harvest that needs laborers. The Laity Retreat is, by design, a way to get built up for the work…    —Suzette James, Event Planner

Our program features music, worship and insightful talks for our precious time together:

  • Segment 1: Let the People Renew Their Strength…. Isaiah 41
    Rev. John Brice, Pastor of St. James UMC Philadelphia
  • Segment 2: No Longer Forsaken…. Isaiah 62
    Rev. Brunilda Martinez, Coordinator of Latino Ministries and Pastor of St. Luke’s UMC Lebanon
  • Segment 3: Eyes Lifted Up to Heaven…. Isaiah 51
    Rev. Gary Knerr, Pastor of Grove UMC West Chester and Co-chair Board of Ordained Ministry
  • Segment 4: From the Wilderness and a Solitary Place to Obtaining Joy and Gladness… Isaiah 35
    Sister Sharon W., Certified Lay Minister
  • Segment 5: Spring Forth Praise! … Isaiah 61
    Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm, Superintendent of the South District
  • Finale: Communion and Repast
    Musicians: Brother Kevin Kresge and Brother Herman Turnage

Thanks and Blessings,

Suzette James, Associate Conference Lay Leader,
David Koch, Conference Lay Leader,

Saturday, September 99:00 AM – 1:30 PM, at Grove UMC, 490 West Boot Road, West Chester, PA.  Registration Fee: $35.00 (Includes Meals and Retreat Materials)