SW District Voices for Racial Justice Dialogue

Southwest District Voices for Racial Justice Continuing Dialogue, Thursday, October 13, 6 PM – 8 PM, at Covenant UMC Lancaster.

This session is designed as a first step to begin conversations that prepare leaders to begin discussions about racial justice in their local context, to help us identify ways to develop ongoing deeper relationships with diverse peoples, and to begin the important work of proactively dismantling systems of injustice BEFORE there are any further crises in our own communities.Our goal is to host monthly opportunities here in Lancaster County for dialogue and discernment about how we can work to solve the ongoing struggles for civil rights, social justice, and an end to discrimination, as well as stand against violence and privilege that oppresses.

Everyone is invited to attend–although our initial invitation is focused on United Methodist pastors and lay people in the Southwest District of the Eastern PA Annual Conference. We believe this is an important initial step to prepare for future dialogue that will include more diverse populations. As we progress in our dialogue, we are also interested in engaging with a broad spectrum of our brothers and sisters including persons of all races, faith traditions, civil society groups, etc. in order to develop relationships and solidarity in the work. Eventually we would like to engage in dialogue with local civil servants (police, county commissioners, legislators, etc.) to enhance positive relationships between them and communities where there has been distrust.

To help us prepare adequate copies of materials, seating arrangements and refreshments it would be helpful for you to register by Monday, October 10 (we can be a little flexible). To register, please contact Pastor Jason: jbperkowski@gmail.com or (717) 333-9238 — and provide your contact info for yourself and those you are bringing with you (names, phone numbers, email addresses and church affiliation are helpful). A light meal of pizza and sides will be served since we will be meeting over the dinner hour.

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