Lent: Preparing for something better

Christians celebrate and engage the 40 days of Lent as a holy season of preparation, through study, self-denial, sacrifice and finally, spiritual renewal. We remember Jesus’ difficult life-journey of submission to God, from the wilderness to the cross, as his journey inspires our own in different ways.

But Lent comes from an Anglo Saxon word, lencten, which means “spring,” the much-anticipated season, beginning March 20, that follows winter. So, beyond our preparation, and beyond Holy Week (March 25-31), we look forward to the renewal that spring and indeed, Easter offers to all of us.

It is a time for action, as churches who are using Hopewell UMC’s new Lenten resource After 40: Ready for Action are no doubt learning. The seven-week, multi-media Bible study offers a fresh, reflective look at Bible stories where the number 40—whether in days or years—is a significant timeframe in which God’s people—like God’s own Son—are tested and prepared for something better in the Kingdom.

May we all emerge from this Lenten season ready for action and prepared for something better in our lives.