Mothers bless us through the years

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, May 14, UM Communications offers several reminders to us of the timeless blessings that many mothers represent in the lives of their children and others whom they touch or influence for generations. Enjoy these short videos and articles on the denomination’s official website.

We also invite you, our readers, to send us remembrances and reflections of special mothers you revere as shining examples of love, compassion, dedication, wisdom and/or other Christian values. Write to us at If we receive enough contributions worth sharing, we’ll post them on our website and social media pages before Sunday.

Meanwhile, enjoy these videos and articles to help you and your church celebrate Mother’s Day and special mothers past and present.

A Mother’s Blessing: A Photo Reflection 
UM Communications asked staff members to talk about their moms, yielding touching and revealing recollections. Their interviews revealed mothers who modeled Christ for their families just by being who they were. In doing so, they helped their children become the people they are today.

Susanna Wesley: Mother of Methodism
Susanna Wesley, born in 1669, never preached a sermon, published a book, or founded a church. Yet, Susanna Wesley is known as the Mother of Methodism. The example of faith and religious reverence she set for her children John and Charles, two of the 19 children she bore, inspired them to become powerful spiritual leaders, and to launch the Methodist movement.

Methodist History: The Founding Mothers of Mother’s Day
In this video, meet the Methodist mother and daughter team who worked to create a day to honor a mother’s love and to emphasize how important a mother’s role is in building a peaceful world.

Biblical mothers: not a job for the faint of heart
This article reminds us of six exemplary mothers of The Bible—from Eve to Mary—who faced challenging ordeals involving their children. They did so with maternal courage, compassion and sometimes cunning.

Twins Follow Mom into Ministry
This video highlights the Rev. Johnsie Cogman, a Washington DC pastor and former educator, whose twin, 23-year-old sons, Jacob and James, are following in their mother’s footsteps by attending seminary to serve in The United Methodist Church. Raised in the church, they both graduated from UM-supported Claflin University in South Carolina, aided by the UMC’s Black College Fund and United Methodist Student Day scholarships.