18 ways to be more United Methodist in ‘18

A UMC.org Feature by Joe Iovino*
December 20, 2017

When making New Year’s resolutions for 2018, we hope you will consider joining us in participating in several of these very United Methodist activities in the months ahead.

1. Visit historic sites

As you plan the route of your spring break and summer road trips, include visits to historic United Methodist sites. We’ve compiled a couple of lists of some of our favorites (one | two), and United Methodist Archives and History has a comprehensive list. In certain areas, you may be able to plan a vacation that includes a visit to a historic United Methodist site every day.

2. Read

John Wesley may have considered himself “a person of one book,” but he was also a prolific writer and voracious reader. Grow your faith by reading good books, Wesley’s sermons, classics, histories, theologies, or whatever feeds your spirit. (You could also subscribe to an awesome podcast!)

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Downloadable prayers for your home

The new year is a great time for reflections, prayers, and getting together with families, friends, and loved ones. Here are some printable posters you can use to be mindful of God’s place in our lives. See Downloads