New issue of Health & Healing’s Wellspring

Read the colorful, informative latest issue (March-April) of the Health & Healing Council’s newsletter Wellspring on our Website.

Learn about “The Many Faces of Healing,” authored by Parish Nurse Barbara Drake. She writes about the many types of people in our congregations who desire good health but often live in ways that are less than healthy. Recognize anyone?

“What is a Healing Service?” describes the all-too-rare opportunity when worshippers call upon the promises found in James 5:13-16, “to pray for each other and to anoint the sick with oil. Healing is God’s work of love within us offering hope, balance, harmony and wholeness of the body, mind, and spirit.”

There’s plenty more worth reading: a new book on mental illness, steps for dealing with vision loss, a church wellness ministry, and a focus on clergy health. Don’t wait to learn about your wellness. Check out the new issue now. You may find out something you need to know. Wellspring Issue 2, March-April 2016.