Application to be an Equalizing Lay Member

This form is to be returned to your District Office for consideration to be an Equalizing Lay Member to Annual Conference for your District.

Leadership and Service Interest Form

The Eastern PA Conference Committee on Leadership and Service Interest Form as part of its process for identifying capable, gifted persons to lead and serve in various important areas of conference-wide ministry. Responses will help the committee recommend future members and leaders to ministry groups—including boards, councils, committees, commissions, organizations, etc.—that work together to plan and implement ministry and mission throughout the conference. Learn More

2020 Charge Conference Forms

Please pay close attention to the 2020 Church Forms Schedule and plan ahead. Reports are due 2 week prior to your Charge Conference, or by Nov. 15th, 2020. We hope that you will find the annual reporting process to be an opportunity to celebrate your church’s achievements, a useful tool to evaluate your church’s ministry goals and objectives, and a helpful process to ask important accountability questions. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact your District Office. Learn More

Equitable Compensation Application for 2021 funds

Each year at Annual Conference the Commission on Equitable Compensation recommends the base compensation standards for pastors in our EPA Conference, which is then approved by vote at each session of Annual Conference. Local churches that are not able to pay the full amount of the minimum compensation to their pastor may apply for and receive supplemental funds from the annual conference. These funds are provided through the Equitable Compensation Fund, which is funded by the Annual Conference budget. Due November 9, 2020 For Calendar Year 2021 Funding.

Download: Equitable Compensation Application for 2021 funds