Feb 13, 2023

Bensalem United Methodist Church is seeking an interested person for its Music Director position. The responsibilities include playing at the Sunday Traditional and Celebration Worship Services and playing Special Music as required. Interested persons should email their Resume and Cover Letter to myerslee853@yahoo.com.

Job Description:
In coordination with the Pastor and the Worship Team:
A. For Traditional Service: play hymns and service music
B. For Celebration Service: play contemporary Christian music as needed.
C. Organize Choir: curate music, hold rehearsals
D. Seasonally: Additional worship services for: Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easter
E. Organize Special Music for worship services, particularly during the Summer
F. Direct volunteer Bell Choir Seasonally
G. As possible bring in additional musicians to enhance worship services.
H. Weddings and Funerals as time allows.