District Office
District Leadership
  • District Lay Leader: Carol Gibson, 3600 Conshohocken Ave., Apt. 1801, Philadelphia, PA 19131-5333, gibson.carol1@gmail.com, (610) 999-1764
  • Associate District Lay Leader: Mrs. Frances N. Townsend-Coleman, 1845 W Nedro Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141-1323; 215-276-2474; coleman.frances22@gmail.com
  • District Committee on the Superintendency, Chair: The Rev. Jackie Anne Stewart, jkste635@msn.com
  • District Board of Church Location and Building, Chair: The Rev. Robert L. Strauss, pastorbobstrauss@comcast.net
  • District Committee on Ordained Ministry, Chair: Rev. Dr. Michael Roberts, dr.roberts@aol.com
  • District Focus Team, Chair: The Rev. Steven T. McComas, revstevemccomas@gmail.com
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